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The LPO ( Legal Process Outsourcing ) derives its roots from KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). KPO refers to knowledge-intensive work that involves specialized domain expertise. High value processes that fall into this realm include :-
Valuation research; Investment research; Patent filing; and, Legal and insurance claim analysis.

LPO in India started as a low-end work that mainly included transcription. But now LPO in India, and as provided by our KPO firm, is a high-end knowledge intensive work. Presently everything from Patent application drafting; Legal research; Pre-litigation documentation; Advising clients; Analyzing drafted documents; Writing software licensing agreements to Drafting distribution agreement is being outsourced to India.
This potential growth took place to such an extent that today patent filing has its own separate existence different from LPO referred to as Patent Process Outsourcing (PPO). The legal industry across the globe is gradually turning towards outsourcing for gaining efficiencies and staying profitable in a highly competitive marketplace.

Recognition of the fact that legal companies need to focus on their core competencies and leave back office processes to the hands of competent outsourcers is creating a compelling case for outsourcing out non-core processes.

A further rationale for the outsourcing is to facilitate at the same time the in-house counsel of the foreign law firms to concentrate on core legal issues.The availability of outsourcing ventures with world-class resources and expertise is also boosting the growth of outsourcing by legal entities.
LPO is a lucrative route to reduce cost and increase efficiency by outsourcing legal works to KPO firms like ours in India.

The Indian Legal System is much like the UK, US, Canada, and a sizeable part of Europe -- the major source of outsourcing.

The Indian litigation and dispute resolution methodologies are well founded on the classic Constitution of the biggest Democratic Republic in the world and are understood universally.Indian legal system is also one of the most researched and informed legislations to ensure a uniform yet practical interpretation of the legislation throughout the breadth and depth of this land of unique diversity.

There are several factors that favour Indian attorneys:
  • The advantage of the time zone.
  • Availability of English speaking attorneys.
  • Familiarity with common law doctrines.
  • Indian attorneys with US / UK qualifications.
  • Labour cost differential- It almost costs up to 80 percent less than the US firms.
  • The quality and speed of work done.
  • We are staffed 24/7.
  • The Indian legal professionals are taught to analytically interpret the laws.
  • Regulations of the Land by generously drawing on the similar legislations of other similar legal systems and are exposed to Common English Laws.
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