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KKPL ---- A new model of Knowledge Process Outsourcing ?

At KKPL, our model qualifies as the “Second Generation Outsourcing”.

Here's how it works :

KKPL operates as the prime organization and the interface with clients.

KKPL puts together a "solution”, including strategy; business processes; technology; and, performance management.

, with a small core team of specialists, targets an ecosystem of 250 other companies, in the physical KPO PARK, with a total of 2,500 employees, being specialists in everything from Java coding to Software testing, etc..

draws on their skills to deliver the “solution”.

Rather than focusing just on India ( the physical KPO PARK ), KKPL's ecosystem, through the Virtual KPO,www.kpopark.com, also includes companies / specialists from across the globe including Russia, China, and Singapore.

KKPL plans on expanding into additional countries through the Virtual KPO on a continual basis.

Hence, as an example, KKPL gets the advantages of high-level skills from Russian companies and very low programming costs, say, from China.

Since the past decade, the outsourcing business model has not changed; but the scale has expanded.
And, at KKPL, we have a radical vision of how outsourcing can change.

Rather than having huge fixed costs, like the big players, KKPL pays for value received—and--billed to clients.
That is incredible leverage. And KKPL can pick and chose from among hundreds of small specialist firms anywhere in the world. That's a true global delivery model.

With costs of real estate and labour rising rapidly in India, KKPL is set to have a head-start advantage over the much larger competitors.

KKPL recognizes the fact that it has two main challenges :
  1. To establish credibility among potential customers, something that is typically only gradually won.
  2. To manage the ecosystem of associates globally and prove that the team can really deliver higher-quality services at a lower cost.
And, KKPL has charted its course for taking care of these challenges.
KKPL invites you to outsource any project on a one-time basis.
Rest assured, you will become a regular outsourcer to KKPL !
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