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Knowledge - Technology - Outsourcing
KPO, as the name suggests, refers to outsourcing of knowledge-driven processes such as equity research; financial research; legal processes; marketing analytics; clinical research; and so on.

A Nasscom report predicts that the KPO market would grow to US $17 billion by 2010, of which US $12 billion (~70 per cent) would be outsourced to India.

A UK-based research firm predicts that by 2010, around 250,000 people would be required to handle the projected US $12-billion worth of KPO businesses in India.

The Venture capitalists are looking for alternative areas of investment; and, the technology space, including software product start-ups, has caught their attention.
The interest is not without basis. The primary driver is the domestic macro economic conditions, in India, which have turned around in the last decade.
Cost-arbitrage has also played a role in pulling Venture Capitalists to the segment.

India definitely provides a significant cost advantage over other key geographies which makes it the preferred destination for product business activities.

KKPL is looking forward to Investors having expertise in the technology space and, who can share the KKPL Vision to make them the right growth Equity Partners.

KKPL’s platform-based KPO strategy will allow lenders to more efficiently originate and service loans by vastly reducing both cost and time.

KKPL is looking at Investors who are focused on helping entrepreneurs create and build major new enterprises that use technology to improve the way we live, work and play.

The Investor/s must follow certain core principles :
Supporting the entrepreneurs; Providing an excellent return to its limited partners; Practicing its profession with the highest standards and respect.

The Investor must focus on investments at all stages of KKPL’s and or the individual entrepreneur’s development, from seed-stage through IPO.

India offers substantial long-term growth potential and cost benefits in today’s global marketplace.

Its thriving economy and growing consumer class make it the next hub of VENTURE INVESTMENT.

By partnering with KKPL, the Investor/s would be investing in businesses that leverage India’s accelerated, long-term growth prospects and capital efficiencies.
  1. The Venture Capitalist may exercise the option of becoming a shareholder in the serviced companies of the 250 entrepreneurs at terms to be mutually agreed upon between them.
  2. The Venture Capitalist may also exercise the option of becoming a shareholder in the Special Purpose Vehicle Company (SPV), KKPL.
  3. In such an event, the Venture Capitalist is to make subscription to the SPV Company, KKPL. For details please contact KKPL.
  1. The decision to accept or reject any or all application(s) of Venture Capitalists is the sole prerogative of KKPL; KKPL is not bound to give any reasons and or explanations for the acceptance / rejection of any application(s).
  2. In case of rejection of any application(s), KKPL will refund the subscription amount to the respective applicant(s) after deducting 2% as Service Charges.
  3. No interest amount is payable by KKPL on the amount(s) so refunded.
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