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What is Knowledge Process Outsourcing ( KPO ) ?
KPO is a form of outsourcing; it is essentially an offshoot of Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ). KPO is the high-end activity of the BPO industry, and, is one step ahead of BPO.
What is Kamtech KPO Park Ltd. ?
Kamtech KPO Park Ltd ( KKPL ) is a Special Purpose Vehicle ( SPV ) Company. It is a Public Limited Company incorporated for promoting the KPO business through the development of 250 entrepreneurs in cluster-formation through plug-and-play facilities in Jaipur ( Rajasthan, India ).
What is kpopark.com ?
kpopark.com is a Virtual KPO market place between buyers and sellers of not just IT or ITES sectors, but rather, encompassing every conceivable Sector / Domain from all over the world. It is to assist buyers; webmasters; web designers; programmers; software developers; business owners; professionals; consultants; etc. to develop their projects / businesses in the most convenient and economical manner.
Why should I outsource to KKPL in India ?
Due to the large knowledge pool and a significant cost arbitrage, KKPL, being based in India, is the front runner in providing suitable KPO services. KKPL is fully equipped with a network of specialists having advanced analytical and specialized skills.
Who are or who can be associated with KKPL ?
The following are the categories under which you may associate with KKPL :-
  • Entrepreneurs ( preferably 1st generation ) as Entrepreneur Members.
  • Professionals as Members.
  • Graduates as Members.
  • Housewives as Members.
  • Venture Capitalists; Angel Investors; etc. as Associates.
  • Companies; Organizations; Consultants; etc. as Clients ( Outsourcers ).
What is the difference between Members and Clients ?
Members / Entrepreneur Members are Service Providers; Clients are Service Buyers ( Outsourcers ).
What is the difference between Member and Entrepreneur Member ?
Member is any professional; individual; etc., acting independently as a Service Provider of KKPL through the Virtual KPO;Entrepreneur Member is any professional; individual; etc., acting as Service Provider of KKPL through the Virtual KPO, but, operating out of the plug-and-play facilities in the KPO Park at Jaipur.
What TAXs are applicable ?
VAT / Service Tax, etc. will be applicable wherever needed according to law.
How to Sign-up ?
To Sign-up, you need to complete the following steps :
Step 1: fill in special boxes with your name; e-mail; country and city you are from. You also are to read carefully the Terms & Conditions of our service and, mark that you agree with them. Step 2: here you are to confirm your e-mail address. You will get a verification code on your e-mail and you should fill it in the special box. Step 3: you are to fill the boxes with some more information about yourself ( like your name; your company name; password ). Then you may give some more information about your project. This would be your Service Provider profile ( area of expertise; your skills as a provider and other things which you will be asked ). After all the data has been filled up, you are to click << Sign Up >>.
Why is my account temporarily suspended ?
The most common reason is that you have posted contact information on our site. That is not allowed. Contact us and we will work on making your account activated again.
How do I cancel my account ?
For security measures you are to send us a message through our online support form and we will help you with this. But, if you have negative balance, you are to make a deposit to cover it, before your account can be cancelled.

How can I modify a bid which I have already submitted ?
Login to KKPL. Find the project (public project page) you wish to change your bid on, click <> button again and make your changes.
How do I deliver a project ?
You may deliver a project anyway you like. Normally it's installed on the KKPL server or it's sent as files to KKPL email. This is something you and KKPL will have to decide.
How do I rate and write a review for KKPL ?
After you have accepted to work on a project and the project is completed and paid in full through kpopark.com , you will be able to do this by going to Provider Activity. You will find available KKPL to rate from there. Feedback can be left only when project is completed and paid in full (according to the provider's bid) via KKPL. If the provider is paid less than his bid via KKPL payment system, the feedback option will not be activated.
How does this work for Service Providers ?
It is easy. You register for an account. Read the projects and find one that fit your skills. You estimate and bid a fair amount to complete the project. If KKPL picks you as the winner, you will be paid that amount through kpopark.com after completion of the work / assignment to the entire satisfaction of KKPL.
When will you process my withdrawal ?
Currently we process withdrawals and send out payment once a week. In some cases we have to investigate the funds and there might be a small delay. If your request was submitted before Monday, it will be sent next Monday-Tuesday. If request is dated Monday or Tuesday, we will send money next week. As soon as payment is sent, you will receive notification by email with details of withdrawal. The very first withdrawal is delayed for security reasons. First withdrawal by e-gold is delayed for 45 days starting from the day, when funds were added to account. First withdrawal by any other method is delayed for 15 days since the day, when funds were added to account. Next withdrawals are sent without such delays.
Why is my account temporarily suspended ?
There are several reasons :
  • Most common reason: you posted your contacts or links with your contacts in message board of Non-featured project or in description of a Non-featured project. Read our terms and give your comments in your ticket.
  • You posted an invalid project or bid. Projects and bids must not contain advertisements, illegal information. We cancel such projects and DO NOT refund fees.
  • You posted a project which requires abnormal bidding. Such projects can be posted as Featured only. Deposit enough funds to your account and we will upgrade it to the Featured status.
  • You posted a fake amount in bid. Bid amount must be equal to agreed payment on project.
  • You made transactions of this kind: deposit --> withdrawal (withdrawal request). We do not allow this. We are not an exchange/money transfer company. Evidently we will have to reverse your deposit.
  • You created several accounts. We do not allow creating multiple accounts. We will have to close all but one.
  • (After 35 days of negative balance) It was an automatically suspension. We can not remove it until you cover the negative balance. You are able to receive and deposit payments also after suspension without any problems. Account will be activated automatically when you have zero or more balance.
  • Sometimes Pay pal or other payment systems may suspend your account for verification purposes. Post us a ticket and we will send you further instructions for activation. Please note that we will need a scanned copy of your ID sent to webmaster@kpopark.com. This is not a full list of reasons.
We recommend you to follow our terms and to read our FAQ to avoid suspensions and misunderstandings.
Can a service provider bid for free ?
Yes, bidding is free of cost for any Member / Entrepreneur Member.
How do I make a bid ?
Browse our projects. Select one that you wish to bid on. Click the Bid button above the bid listings. Enter your bid and comment. You might need to login if you are not logged in while doing this.
How do I cancel an escrow payment ?
To cancel an escrow payment as a provider you login to KKPL, go to Manage Account, Click Payment Transactions and scroll down. You will find all escrow payments there. Choose correct one and cancel it. That's all!
In what ways can you send me my money ?
We currently send out payments via Pay Pal, E-Gold, Wired Transfer, Money bookers, checks, and kpopark.com Debit cards. We plan to offer more options in the future.
Why is my withdrawal still in pending status ?
Because it has not yet been processed. As soon as it is processed you will be notified and we will remove the pending status. Please do not make a new request as long as you have a request in pending status. It might cause a delay. Normally withdrawals are processed during Mondays and Tuesdays for the requests made in the previous week. The very first withdrawal is delayed for security reasons. First withdrawal by e-gold is delayed for 45 days starting from the day, when funds were added to account. First withdrawal by any other method is delayed for 15 days since the day, when funds were added to account. Next withdrawals are sent without such delays.

Am I to make a payment in advance ?
There is a free escrow system on our site. You are encouraged to use the escrow system and release funds from the escrow as :-
50% as advance to KKPL on confirmation of project;
And, balance 50% immediately when project work is completed by KKPL.
How do I cancel an escrow payment ?
As a Buyer you cannot cancel an escrow payment. If project is not successful you should ask KKPL to cancel your escrow payment.
How do I deposit money to my account ?
Login to your account. Click Payment Transactions. Click Deposit money. Follow instructions from there. We are currently accepting Pay Pal, Wired Transfer, Money bookers, Check and E-Gold.
How can I ask a question before selecting KKPL as a provider ?
Please login and go to the public project page. Beside each username you will find a PM button. Click on the button next to the user you wish to contact and post a message.
How do I accept a bid from KKPL being the service provider ?
Login. Go to Buyer Activity. Pick service section from there.
How do I cancel a project ?
Please login, go to Manage Account, go to Buyer Activity, request to cancel project from there. When the request have been made we will process it within 3 business days and refund the advance payment, if any, after deducting 2% as processing charges.
How do I edit a project I already started ?
Since KKPL bases bids on the project description we do not allow changes on projects after bidding starts. It is possible to add additional information. When you do this all service providers to KKPL who already made a bid will be notified.
Terms and Conditions :

Can I exchange money on KKPL ?
We do not allow such money transfers. We are not an exchange or money transfer company, so we'll have to reverse such transactions.
Can I sell already made solutions ?
Yes, as long as KKPL agrees to this and you have proper rights to sell the solution.
Can I sell stolen scripts ?
Of course not. If we find out you are selling stolen scripts we will close your account without payment. We might also take legal actions.
Troubleshooting :

When I try to login, I'm redirected to the login page again without any error message. What should I do to login ?
This problem may occur, when you have cookies disabled or if web browser security setting is configured to block cookies from kpopark.com . In order to resolve this problem, you need to make sure that cookies are enabled and accepted.
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