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Kamtech KPO Park Ltd. has initiated the first KPO Park in Jaipur ( Rajasthan, INDIA). The project is unique in the sense that it encourages first generation entrepreneurs, provides them training on:

The entrepreneurs are to be the shareholders of the Special Purpose Vehicle Company ( SPV ), KKPL, and, they will have their own enterprises in the Park which is to offer them ready-to-use plug-and-play facilities to start their KPO business in their chosen fields. The SPV, KKPL, will extend support through markets, orders and continuous flow of regular assignments.The sharing of common facilities among 250 enterprises makes their operational costs to minimum thus making them globally competitive.

The Kamtech Group parent company, Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd., established in 1997, specializes as a Turnkey Project Management and Engineering Consultancy Company to enhance the technological competency of industries and institutions.

KAPL is also the recipient of the prestigious National Award 2008 for its outstanding services by the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. The company has bi-lateral agreements with leading consultancy companies world-wide including in Norway; U.K.; Germany; China; Kenya; etc., to provide international expertise to clients and offers competing solutions.

With the varied domain expertise, international experience with leading companies and wide network of international alliance partners, KKPL, offers clients cost-effective high fidelity total consulting solutions that are fine tuned to each client’s specific requirement to face the growing global business challenges.

Progress is a continual process. Growth from zero to a hundred takes decades for a company. Understanding this process, developing a long-term vision, pursuing it with unrelenting perseverance are the key factors for global success. We, at KKPL, understand this, and, follow the same in relentless pursuit. The ultimate challenge of globalization is to change people and corporate cultures. The transition towards globality is both a cognitive and an emotional pilgrimage.

And, KKPL, desires to be very much a part of this pilgrimage.

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