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Knowledge - Technology - Outsourcing
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Financial Analysis & Research
Financial Research and Analysis category accounts for more than 60% of KPO work that is being outsourced.

Most of the KPO work is being outsourced to India which has a large number of graduates with MBA and CA qualifications. With their degrees and strong foundation in Mathematics and Statistics, they have the skills to perform efficiently and successfully the KPO work entrusted to them...
Software Product Development
Software products is about long-term commitment.

KKPL provides innovative IT and business solutions to customers by properly mixing onshore and offshore IT resources to give clear strategic advantages in cost and quality.
With our deep technical and domain expertise, KKPL offers quality IT solutions that aligns the customer’s short and long-term strategic goals.
With our offshore business process outsourcing capabilities, KKPL can offer services in full software life-cycle that spans project strategic planning; architectural design; implementation; and, governance...
Creativity and Animation
ANIMATION is the art of breathing life into imagination.

Animation is a world of special effects and graphics. It is also a world, where reality meets imagination.One of the fastest growing sectors across the globe, the Indian animation industry is currently estimated to be at US $550 million.There are about 300 animation studios operating in India; and the size of the Indian animation industry is expected to reach US $1.5 billion by 2009...
Education Process Services
Education is a major tool for the creation of Knowledge.

is fully geared to offer services in this domain. Leveraging the success in delivering systematic course-led IT training, KKPL aims to bring new levels of professionalism into the business of education in India by providing supplementary education focussed not only at building academic prowess but also at overall personality and skills development...
Engineering Research and Development
KPO can be a basis for the analysis of developments in hardware systems to explore the implications of specialization in knowledge production for the organization and the boundaries of the firm.

The definition of boundaries of the firm in terms of the activities performed in house does not take into account that decisions to outsource production and other functions are different from decisions to outsource technological knowledge. The multi technology firms need to have knowledge in excess of what they need for what they make, to cope with imbalances caused by uneven rates of development in the technologies on which they rely and with unpredictable product-level interdependencies...
Legal Process Outsourcing
The LPO ( Legal Process Outsourcing ) derives its roots from KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). KPO refers to knowledge-intensive work that involves specialized domain expertise. High value processes that fall into this realm include :-
Valuation research; Investment research; Patent filing; and, Legal and insurance claim analysis...
Market Research and Business Intelligence
KPO is essentially an offshoot of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It is the high-end activity of the BPO industry. KPO is one step ahead of BPO. KPO also includes components of Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) and, Analysis Process Outsourcing (APO).

Leaders in the market research industry are slowly seeing the benefits offered by KPO and have begun outsourcing areas where technology can significantly improve the research and analysis processes. Comprehensive IT solutions are offered in the market by our KPO firm and we provide solutions covering the entire life cycle of a market research and analysis project...
Other KPO Services
Other KPO services cover the following categories:
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