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Physical KPO Park
has initiated the first KPO Park in JAIPUR ( Rajasthan, INDIA).
The project is unique in the sense that it encourages first generation entrepreneurs; provides them training on
          Entrepreneurship development and Business planning
          R & D assistance
          Capital management
          Funds acquisition
          Commercialization strategies
           Marketing assistance
          Intellectual property management
          Technology transfer
          Business development

The entrepreneurs are to be the shareholders of the Special Purpose Vehicle Company ( SPV ), KKPL, and, they will have their own enterprises in the Park which is to offer them ready-to-use plug-and-play facilities to start their KPO business in their chosen fields.

KKPL has also launched the VIRTUAL KPO PARK through the website : www.kpopark.com 

This will further enable the company, KKPL, to extend its networking globally.

The SPV, KKPL, will extend support through markets, orders and continuous flow of regular assignments.

The sharing of the common facilities among 250 enterprises makes their operational costs to minimum thus making them globally competitive.

The Government of Rajasthan is extending full support to the Project by way of allotment of Land in close proximity to the city of Jaipur for the establishment of the physical KPO Park which will house the 250 enterprises and provide for direct employment to 2500 professionals.

The Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute ( KIRDI ) has established a KPO PARK in Nairobi in collaboration with M/s. Kamtech, and, under the auspices of United Nations Industrial Development Organization ( UNIDO ), for the creation of 100 new ICT development enterprises per year for the next three years.

All this will enable KKPL to create a knowledge hub in the Northern part of India, and also provide for expanding the Global network of Knowledge partners.
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